Special issue guest editorship, 2020 OCTOBER

So happy to announce special issue guest editorship with my colleague Dr. Amir PIRAYESH entitled “Sustainability and Industry 4.0: New Perspectives of Industry 4.0 Realization in Sustainability Contextt” in Sustainability journal, MDPI Sustainability. The focus of this Special Issue is the investigation of Industry 4.0 opportunities for strengthening the supply chain from a sustainability perspective.
We will be happy to have your contributions in this special issue.


New Publication, 2020 AUGUST

Thanks to our Ph.D. candidate Mr. Ehsan Vaziri Goodarzi for his publication entitled “Manufacturing Cloud Service Composition Based on the Non-cooperative and Cooperative Game Theory” which will be presented in 2020 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM2020), Dec 14-17, 2020, Singapore.
I appreciate the inspiration from Prof. MAHMOUD HOUSHMAND and other colleagues.



New Publication, 2020 AUGUST

It was great to have Mr. Abdiladif Olad‘s (one of my diligent B.Sc. students in IEM program at Jacobs University Bremen) thesis to be presented at 2020 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM2020), Singapore, 14-17 Dec, 2020. I admire your perseverance and hardworking in your paper entitled “Using of Social Media Data Analytics for Applying Digital Twins in Product Development”.



New Publication, 2020 AUGUST

Glad to annouce that our research contribution entitled “A service decomposition and definition model in cloud manufacturing systems using game theory focusing on cost accounting perspectives” has been published in Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering (JISE). Thanks to Ms. Nayereh Keramatnezhad and Mr. Ahmadreza Jafarikia for their collaboration in this research for the 16th iiiecir Industrial Engineering Conference.
Jacobs University Bremen


New Publication, 2020 AUGUST

Thanks to Mr. Erfan Shahab, Mr. Amirhossein Kazemi Saboor and Mr. Sharif Khaleghparast for their collaboration in our latest research entitled “A novel service composition model by considering the role of resilience in cloud supply networks” which will be presented in the 6th International Conference on Industrial and Systems Engineering (ICISE 2020), Ferdowsi University of Mashhad-FUM, Iran, 9-10 Sep 2020.

Jacobs University Bremen


Best Paper Award, 2020 JULY

Congratulation to our Ph.D. candidate Mr. Ehsan Vaziri Goodarzi for being awarded the best paper for his contribution entitled “Using Axiomatic Design for Developing a Framework of Manufacturing Cloud Service Composition in the Equilibrium State” in ICAD 2020 : XIV. International Conference on Axiomatic Design.
Thanks Prof. MAHMOUD HOUSHMAND for inspiration.


New Publication, 2020 JULY

Thanks to my students at Jacobs University Bremen, Ms. Pardis Sahraei and Mr. Majid Sodachi for their collaboration in publishing a practical paper entitled “Public Transportation Resource Assignment for Mutual Sustainable Considerations and Service Level Efficiency: Case study Hamburg Public Transportation” which will be presented in Hamburg International Conference of Logistics 2020 in Hamburg University of Technology through 24 – 25 Sep 2020.



New Publication, 2020 JUN

Thanks to Mr. Majid Sodachi for his first Ph.D. paper entitled “Inspiration of Industry 4.0 to Enable a Proactive Sustainability Assessment Model through the Supply Chain” which will be presented in 5th International Conference on System-integrated Intelligence Intelligent, flexible and connected systems in products and production in University of Bremen, Bremen in November 2020.
I hope you the best through your research at Jacobs University Bremen.


New Publication, 2020 JAN

Thanks to Mr. Ehsan Agha mohammadzadeh, one of my best students for his contributions in our recent research efforts. Without any doubts, this is one of the best papers for application of Blockchain technology in Cloud manufcaturing. 



New Publication, 2019 DEC

Thanks to our Ph.D. Candidate Mr. Siavash Valizadeh for his contributions in digital dentistry research soon to be titled Dr. Siavash Valizadeh. Thanks Prof. Mahmoud Houshmand for the Inspiration

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